wellsburg crc

employee clerical resources center

The Wellsburg Clerical Resource Center is a volunteer program ran and performed by Mikeal G. Maguschak. The CRC manages the website, city social media as well as performs various clerical and administrative tasks. The CRC is open to all departments of the City and is primarily a tool to assist City employees. 

CRC Services

Administrative, Clerical and Support Services offered by the CRC.

website support & assistance

  • wellsburg website updates
  • page design and support
  • add events to city CALENDAR
  • add updates to city news
  • add updates to city social meidia

e-collaboration logins, support & assistance

multimedia support & assistance

  • photo editing
  • Watermarking
  • online public photo album

clerical support & assistance

  • online document management
  • online workgroups
  • file sharing & sending
  • document processing

Contact the clerical resources center

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