Water/Sanitary Board

Rachelle Comer

Water/Sanitary Board Secretary
Utilities Clerk

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70 Town Sqaure
Wellsburg, WV 26070

The City of Wellsburg Combined Water and Sanitary Board is responsible for providing safe and reliable water and sanitation services to the residents and businesses of Wellsburg. This essential board manages the city's water treatment and distribution systems, as well as its sanitary sewer collection and treatment systems. The Water and Sanitary Board ensures that the city's water supply is clean and plentiful, and that its wastewater is safely and efficiently treated before being returned to the environment. 

Through its ongoing efforts, the Water and Sanitary Board plays a critical role in protecting public health and the environment, and in supporting the growth and development of Wellsburg as a thriving community.


Combined Water/Sanitary Board


Water/Sanitary Board
70 Town Square
Wellsburg, WV, 26070

Monthly Meetings
Fourth Wednesday, 5:00 pm**

**Excluding holiday hours. Check City Building for special hours or exceptions**