Police Department

Wellsburg Police Department - February 2024 - Taken by: Weirton Daily Times

Police Chief
Michael Allman

Department Head

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Attn:  Police Chief
Michael Allman
70 Town Square
Wellsburg, WV, 26070

About the Chief of Police Position


In the City of Wellsburg, the Chief of Police plays a critical role in maintaining law and order. Under direction of the City Manager, the Chief of Police is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the police force, ensuring the faithful performance of subordinate police officers, and upholding the safety and security of the community.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Chief of Police holds extensive authority and duties within the city. With the guidance of the City Manager, they are responsible for the efficient functioning of the police force. This includes supervising subordinate police officers and ensuring their adherence to official duties. Additionally, the Chief of Police has the power to nominate and appoint subordinate police officers, subject to the advice and consent of the Council.

Beyond the confines of Wellsburg, the Chief of Police acts as an ex officio constable within the city limits. This grants them the authority to execute writs or processes issued by the Mayor or a justice of the peace, even outside the city, within Brooke County.

Collection of Fines and Reporting

One of the key responsibilities of the Chief of Police is the collection of fines and costs. They are required to collect these fines and costs at the time of trial or assessment, as determined by the Mayor. Monthly reports detailing the fines and costs collected must be submitted to the Council. Furthermore, the Chief of Police is responsible for promptly paying these fines, costs, and any other city funds under their possession to the City Collector and Treasurer on a weekly basis.

Enforcement Authority and Liability

The Chief of Police possesses the same enforcement powers and privileges as a constable within Wellsburg and anywhere in Brooke County. They are authorized to make arrests, collect claims, and execute and return process, similar to a constable of a district. In the event of any failure or dereliction of duty, the Chief of Police and their sureties are liable for fines, penalties, and forfeitures, which can be recovered in the same manner as against a constable.

Subordinate Police Officers

All subordinate police officers in Wellsburg are granted the powers, rights, and privileges of a constable within the city. These officers have the authority to make arrests, execute criminal writs, and return process issued by the Mayor. However, the Council has the discretion to exempt them from providing the bond typically required by constables.

Bond and Compensation

Before assuming office, the Chief of Police must execute a bond with satisfactory sureties, assuring the faithful performance of their duties and accounting for any money held as part of their role. The bond must be in the amount of two thousand dollars, as determined by the Council. In return for their dedicated service, the Chief of Police receives a monthly salary ranging from six hundred to one thousand dollars, fixed by the Council.

In Wellsburg, the Chief of Police is a vital figure in maintaining the safety, security, and well-being of the city and its residents. With their authority, responsibilities, and dedication, they ensure the effective functioning of the police force and contribute to the harmonious and peaceful environment that the community deserves.