Clerk's Office

City Clerk
Mikeal G. Maguschak

Chief Elections & Records Officer


Attn: City Clerk Maguschak
70 Town Square
Wellsburg, WV, 26070

About the City Clerk Position

The City Clerk in Wellsburg serves as the linchpin of municipal operations, overseeing a wide range of essential functions to ensure the smooth functioning of the city government. As the Chief Records Officer, the City Clerk is responsible for the meticulous organization and maintenance of official city records, playing a crucial role in preserving the city's history and regulatory compliance.

In addition to managing city records, the City Clerk also serves as the Chief Elections Officer, overseeing the administration of local elections and voter registration processes. They work diligently to uphold the integrity and transparency of the electoral process, ensuring that elections are conducted in accordance with state laws and regulations.

Furthermore, the City Clerk takes on the responsibility of managing the city's website, serving as the primary point of contact for disseminating official information to residents, businesses, and visitors. They ensure that the website is updated regularly with relevant announcements, meeting agendas, and other pertinent information to promote transparency and public engagement.

Overall, the City Clerk's multifaceted role in Wellsburg encompasses record-keeping, election administration, and digital communications management, all of which are essential for the efficient operation of the city government and the provision of excellent services to the community.

About Mikeal Maguschak

Mikeal Maguschak was appointed to the Office of City Clerk in November 2023.  Mikeal is the first appointed City Clerk to take office since the position was changed by the citizens from elected to appointed in 2023.

Mikeal is an administrative professional with over twelve years of experience in municipal government. Previously, Mikeal served as Clerk of Council for the Village of Mingo Junction, OH presiding over the village's public records for over eight years.

Currently, Mikeal works in the City of Weirton, West Virginia as Program Manager of Business & Rental Registration as well as holding the title of Information Technology Director in the Village of Mingo Junction, OH.  Mikeal has a strong passion for working in local government and assisting the public in better understanding municipal government. 

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