City Judge

City Judge
Dean G. Makricostas

Judicial Officer

📧 To Be Determined

Attn: City Judge
70 Town Square
Wellsburg, WV, 26070

About the City Judge Position 

The City Judge plays a pivotal role in upholding justice within the community. Responsible for interpreting and applying the law at the local level, the City Judge serves as a beacon of fairness and impartiality.

With a keen sense of legal expertise and a deep understanding of municipal regulations, the City Judge navigates through a myriad of cases. Their judgements impact the lives of residents, ensuring that justice is served in an equitable manner.

Beyond the courtroom, the City Judge fosters a sense of trust and accountability within the community. Through outreach programs and engagement initiatives, they strive to educate residents on their rights and responsibilities under the law. By promoting legal literacy and civic awareness, the City Judge empowers individuals to become active participants in the legal system.

Guided by integrity and a commitment to upholding the rule of law, the City Judge of Wellsburg embodies the essence of justice and integrity. Their dedication to serving the community with fairness and compassion contributes to the harmonious functioning of the city's legal system, ensuring a safer and more just environment for all residents.