City Grantwriter

City Grantwriter
Norm Schwertfeger

Planning & Development Officer
Grant Specialist

📞304-737-3666 x 3

Attn: City Grantwriter
70 Town Square
Wellsburg, WV, 26070

About the City Grantwriter Position

The City Grantwriter in Wellsburg plays a crucial role in securing external funding opportunities for city projects and initiatives. They specialize in researching, identifying, and applying for grants from various government agencies, foundations, and other funding sources to support community programs and development efforts.

With a keen eye for detail and strong writing skills, the City Grantwriter prepares compelling grant proposals that effectively communicate the city's needs, goals, and intended outcomes to potential funders. They collaborate with city departments to gather necessary information and data, ensuring that grant applications are comprehensive and competitive.

The City Grantwriter stays up-to-date on grant opportunities and funding trends, actively seeking new sources of financial support to benefit the city and its residents. Their expertise in grant writing and fundraising strategies helps to diversify the city's revenue streams and maximize opportunities for funding success.

Overall, the City Grantwriter plays an instrumental role in driving the city's growth and sustainability by securing essential funding resources that contribute to the improvement and advancement of Wellsburg's communities.